Low OBL Backlinks Only for SEOer who are
Professional and Experienced!


We have only 15 slots available for this powerful low OBL backlinks package:

8xPR6 + 6xPR4
Very Low OBL Backlinks
Up to 15 OBLs

All backlinks are:
Do Follow
Build on Homepage
Visible and Click-able
All Domains are:
Aged Domains
Hosted on Unique C-Class IP
Update at least 4 times per week


ONLY $137 per month, $67 for first month, you can check your rankings for a whole month before you pay $137/month! When these sites got 15 OBLs, we'll close this sale!

Grab your slot when available!


Before you order:

1. Our proved strategy: we only add 1 backlink/day to make this campaign natural for all Search Engines, usually, your rankings begin to move higher in second week.

2. Please prepare your URLs+Keywords, care for keyword density, best solution is, 6xPR6 for one main keyword, the other backlinks for 3-4 long-tail keywords.

After you order:

Please send an email to CS@enerjikonferansi.com, include:

your Paypal email ID (in order to confirm your payment)
your prefered email to receive report
your URLs + Keywords


Very important:

1. We don't have enough time to provide services for everyone, so, if you're not a Professional and Experienced SEOer, please DO NOT order! We don't want to waste yours and ours valuable time.

2. Please don't request small package or low PR backlinks, we only build huge value!

3. We never despise newbies or anyone. Actually, we do want to serve as more customers as we want if everyone really knows the value of our SEO services, and know the relationship of High PR Backlinks, Domain Age, Link Building Speed and Anchor Density.

4. We want to provide solutions for webmasters who knows what he/she need, basically, we don't answer such questions:
My site launched just 2/3 months, which package suit for me?
My ranking dropped to 4th page of Google, which package will turn it back?

5.  If you want to learn more SEO techniques, we do have some valuable knowledge for you!


High PR Low OBL Dofollow Backlinks


What do you most care for backlinks?

First, high PR value, the higher the page PR which backlink actually built, the more link juicy passed to your site.
Second, Dofollow, because 90% of SEOer think that Dofollow backlinks better than Nofollow ones, I do think so.
Third, with anchor text as you want.
Do you have any more requirement for backlinks building?

Why 95% of SEOers failed to get better ranking?

There are tons of new websites launched everyday, rank to Google first page is the big dream of every webmaster, more and more webmasters try to rank higher by order hundreds even thousands High PR Dofollow backlinks, but 95% of them finally failed.
Because, 95% of them never mind OBLs!

Want to be the 5% successful SEOer?

Care about how many OBLs on the page where your backlinks built. Of course, the lower the OBLs which backlink actually built, the more link juicy passed to your site.
Seriously, which one is better, PR5 backlink with 100 OBLs, or PR4 backlink with 10 OBLs?


1. These Low OBL Backlinks will not increase your traffic directly, but can help you rank your keyword higher on Google.

2. Google is smarter enough to judge which site/page can rank to first page, do not expect your keyword can rank to No.1 in one night, so you have to build high quality contents when you build high PR Low OBL Backlinks.

3. The proven SEO method is build high PR Low OBL Backlinks for high quality and unique contents, not only Google love it, but also your visitors!


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